About MHS Inc.

Management Health Solutions is transforming the supply chain process for hospitals nationwide. We help our clients recognize the power of optimizing supply chain activities using real-time, accurate data to make intelligent, actionable business decisions with confidence. We help hospitals automate supply chain functions and provide the data and analytics needed to benchmark their services and improve patient care.

With our advanced inventory service, hospitals can ensure that all their prime objectives are met effectively. Management Health Solutions is the hospital’s best resource to achieve accurate data and the technology to manage that data in the most efficient and automated manner possible. Using a robust mobile technology as the cornerstone of its products and services, our solutions are designed to fully automate supply chain processes and enable hospitals to:


Increase Labor Efficiency


Reduce Inventory Costs


Grow Business Profits

@Par Handheld Barcode Technology

MHS’ unique “@Par” Handheld Barcode Technology provides hospital materials management with traceability, visibility and credibility. This incredible system records receipt, movement and consumption of supplies from the receiving dock to the point of use. With over 100 system installs to date, we’re changing the way hospitals approach their supply chain management.

Physical Inventory Services

Physical Inventory Services establish an accurate inventory, which is the foundation for many supply chain initiatives. MHS provides an accurate point-in-time valuation of hospital inventory for year-end or mid-year reporting. Hospitals choose MHS for its experience and expertise as demonstrated by close to $5 Billion in inventory value counted since 2008, for over 2100 clinical clients.

Because we are strictly a hospital supply chain solution provider, our only client is the hospital system. This dedicated position allows us to be completely focused on helping hospitals automate and optimize their supply chain. MHS specializes in providing hospitals with physical inventory count procedures and technology-enabled automation, enabling hospitals to establish and maintain optimal inventory levels.

Our solutions give hospitals immediate improvement in their inventory and costs, as well as long term strategies to effectively manage their inventory over time. And unlike other inventory control providers, we are a full partner in the process. We give hospitals the ability to access real-time information as well as the tools necessary to make adjustments and changes to the processes. MHS has made significant contributions in helping hospitals streamline their supply chain activity.

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