@Par Clinical Package

Comprehensive inventory management at the Point of Use and perioperative supply process automation.


Patient care and safety is the number one goal of any hospital. A key factor in achieving that goal is having the right supplies available at the right time, in the right quantity. Postponing or canceling patient procedures due to incorrect inventory levels is a very costly problem.

MHS helps to automate the picking of supplies for surgical cases allowing for automatic supply replenishment and patient charge capture. In addition, the management of diverse inventories is challenging. By understanding the demand utilization on a per-physician, per-case basis, MHS provides the missing links to gaining control of physician preference items. Clinical supplies, consigned product and in-room stock is captured with lot and serial number. Real-time notification of expired product enhances patient safety.


Package Features

CaseCart Application leverages technology and automates the clinical supply chain process through the integration of multiple systems’ information and handheld devices. It aligns the preference card requirements and case cart picking process as well as the dispensing and return of product. The accuracy of the inventory is maintained and the order process automated for maximum efficiency.

Point-Of-Use Application leverages technology and automates the clinical supply chain process through the integration of multiple systems’ information. It allows the care provider to use a touch screen or a scanner, aligning a specific patient and item for dispensing and billing. It captures routine supplies, room stock, consignment product, bill only item workflow, instrument packs and add-on products. The system has an HL7 interface and is HIPAA Compliant.

Today’s Challenges

  • Postponing or canceling patient procedures due to incorrect inventory levels is very costly
  • Clinicians spend significant time (up to 25%) searching for and gathering supplies
  • The productivity of room turnover is impacted by supply availability, clinician time and process delays
  • Product comes from multiple locations with minimal inventory management alignment
  • Little information to cross reference physician utilization and verify usage
  • Correctly capturing consignment and sample product is inaccurate and manual
  • Charge capture is manual and QC checks laborious, resulting is lost and inaccurate billing
  • Hospital functions of supply process and billings are complex due to disparate systems


  • Fully integrated system, automating the supply process for surgery
  • Improves accuracy through automated information and product location
  • Supports the management of multiple product categories
  • Preference card product capture with schedule alignment
  • Supply chain automation (Order, receive, picking & issue)
  • Returned items are captured and inventory is automatically reconciled
  • Automated charge capture & patient billing (HL7 inter face & HIPPA Compliant)
  • Utilization information & product management reports
  • Increase productivity and workflow efficiency in every phase the process

Software Application Capabilities & Features

  • Fully automated supply process for surgery and clinical procedures
  • Build case carts from automated preference card download and planned pick process by handheld
  • Integrated into MMIS, Surgical System and Billing System to wirelessly communicate information
  • Supports the management of multiple product categories and locations
  • Information transfer and analytical support
  • Put Away of receipt items and track backordered items
  • Captures “Bill Only” supplies as well as product number, Lot, Expiry, and Serial Tracking
  • Option to Review, Edit, and Approve Patient Charges before posting
  • Real-time/ batch updates to MMIS and Seamless HL7 in terface to Patient Billing and ADT

Analytics & Reporting

MHS software provides web-based reporting which enables our customers to review meaningful management reports that address a wide variety of supply chain management information. These reports may be e-mailed, converted to Excel™ or managed in a variety of formats.

  • Inventory management and par optimization reporting
  • Reports to track product issues and returns
  • Automated requisition based on usage/count history for a Par Location
  • Utilization information & product management reports
  • Physician Usage Report allows Physician utilization comparisons by procedure
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