@Par Distribution Package

Enables closed-looped accounting of the inventory replenishment process for both stock and non-stop supplies with support for multiple replenishment methodologies including 2-bin / Kanban.


The @Par Distribution Package is a core foundation of your supply chain efficiency and automation solutions. The soft­ware completely automates processes, improves product management and optimizes workflow efficiency. The Distribution package provides three modules that allow staff the ability to perform all functions through a handheld device.

The receiving, delivering and replenishment process is automated. This enables an efficient movement of supplies and management of information in real-time. The wireless system provides mobile transfer of transactions, paperless tracking and management accountability. It provides capabilities and functionality that meet the process expectations and product management documentation needs of healthcare.


Package Features

Receive Application leverages technology and automates the receiving process of PO and Non-PO items using a handheld device at the receiving dock. Receivers can generate barcode labels for cross docking Non-Stock and Non-PO items to streamline their deliveries. Robust search capabilities provide time saving efforts for high dollar value and dated items. the application captures and sets the base for all products entering the facility.

Today’s Challenges

  • Inefficiencies in receiving or identifying non-PO product
  • Department POD confirmation and search is laborious, difficult and mostly non-existent
  • Labor intensive receiving process is challenging, requiring ID, PO, lot capture & serial number
  • Manual product identification process creates errors and inefficiencies
  • MMIS systems require a data input that creates redundant processes
  • Patient care is at risk with expired items in clinical areas
  • Missed rebates and credits are costly with untracked vendor returns
  • Liability increases with vendor-managed consigned items

Delivery Application leverages technology and automates the delivery process. It tracks Picked Items/ Non­-Stock/Non-PO packages cross-docked for deliveries. In addition, it captures and time stamps all deliveries and signatures through the use of a handheld device, creating a log for easy access and proof of delivery within the system.

CartCount Application leverages technology and automates the par counting and replenishment process. CartCount application uses Barcode Technology to support Par, Min/Max, and 2-Bin system methodology that help hospitals easily capture replenishment requirements with minimum user intervention for order generation and fulfillment. Application delivers real-time transmission of requirements to the MMIS, providing ongoing management and recommendations for inventory, workforce management, par configurations and efficiency.


  • Simplifies receiving, delivery and count process by allowing users to scan any ID for a item
  • Flexibility in receiving process by allowing multiple methods of receiving
  • Increases productivity with process automation and information capture
  • Improves accuracy by utilizing barcode scanners
  • Confirms the right item is being received, delivered and stocked at the right departmentSupports scanning Hospital Inventory #/Mfg Item/ ID/Vendor Item ID /UPC code
  • Single/Multi Cart Download/Upload
  • Supports management through decision support reports

Software Application Capabilities & Features

  • Supports 2-bin / Kanban repenishment
  • Receive POs by line, exception, ASN
  • Receive Inter Unit Transfers (IUT) on the handheld
  • Search Purchase Orders based on several search criteria
  • Capture Lot & Serial at the time of Receiving
  • Capture and distribute Non-Stock/ Non-PO packages by scanning location/PO/Tracking numbers
  • Record recipient information and electronic signatures on the handheld, tracks delivery attempts
  • Custom Label Printing on mobile / stationary bar code printers from handheld
  • Download of Par Locations based on schedule and allocation
  • Manual count and data input to MMIS is eliminated which reduces the workload for both clinical and materials staff
  • Organized Bin Locations reduces time clinicians are spending chasing supplies
  • Par Optimization with accurate usage information to minimize overstocking and stock outs

Analytics & Reporting

MHS software provides web-based reporting, enabling customers to review meaningful management reports that address a wide variety of supply chain management information. These reports may be e-mailed, converted to Excel™ or managed in a variety of formats.

  • Receiving discrepancy reporting
  • ASN discrepancy reporting for Vendor Performance
  • Lot/Serial Report on the server
  • Self Service web page for requesters to track deliveries from their computers
  • Online ordering based on usage/count history for a Par Location
  • Cart management reports for decision support
  • Schedule Compliance Reporting
  • Workforce Management/Productivity reporting
  • Par Management Optimization
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