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MHS’ @Par Handheld Barcode Technology provides hospital materials management with traceability, visibility and credibility. This incredible system records receipt, movement and consumption of supplies from the receiving dock to the point of use.

@Par can work seamlessly with any materials management environment including any legacy systems. With over 100 system installs to date,  and our Enhanced Support Services, we’re changing the way hospitals approach their supply chain management.


@Par Warehouse

Automates managing perpetual inventory in your warehouse, replacing the manual “pen and paper” with barcode scanning.


@Par Distribution

Enables closed-looped accounting of the inventory replenishment process for both stock and non-stock supplies.


@Par Clinical

Comprehensive inventory management at the Point of Use and perioperative supply process automation.

@Par Total Supply Chain Automation

A Comprehensive Database of Inventory Transactions

  • Receipt / Issue
  • Movement
  • Usage

Robust Reporting Capabilities Enabling Deep Insight Into…

  • Supply Utilization
  • Velocity
  • Staff productivity
  • Procedural consumption variability and cost by procedure, physician, location, etc.

The Benefits of @Par

@Par benefits hospitals by driving labor savings and process optimization. Hospitals using the platform have seen improved inventory management, increased control and accountability and improved insight and control in the operation room and procedural areas.

Across the board, organizations using @Par have seen reduced costs and better control.

Labor Savings and Process Optimization

  • Reduced FTE’s needed for handling and managing supplies by reducing manual tasks
  • Reduced wasted clinician time and frustration due to supply management and stock unavailability
  • Streamlined and more accurate case picking process

Improved Inventory Management

  • Faster and more accurate recording of product receipt and distribution of both Stock and Non-Stock items
  • Reduction of expired product, expedited freight costs, stock outs, and inventory carry (overstock and obsolete)

Increased Control
and Accountability

  • Better audit trail and chain of custody
    – Proof of Delivery
  • Recall management support
    – Track lot and serial numbers

Improved Insight and Control in Operating Room and Procedural Areas

  • Accurate recording and reporting of supply consumption in surgical cases and other procedures
  • Better management of supply cost in OR / Procedure areas
  • Automated charge capture
  • Surgeon preference card management


MHS uniquely understands the challenges and effort required for the successful implementation of any technology solution within the complex healthcare environment. Leveraging years of expertise and best practices, MHS offers enhanced support services to help ensure hospitals maximize their technology investments.

Data Management Services

Master Data Management (MDM) provides services to improve data consistency and integrity, providing improved visibility and savings opportunities.Data-Icon-01

MHS is keenly aware of the significance and value clean data can provide an organization and the effectiveness of its Information Systems. Consolidation of spend and demand from a reconciled base of unique items and suppliers is a compelling proposition.

Leveraging best practices, MHS cooperatively develops and implements effective data management strategies, standards and services to address Legacy Data Cleansing, New Item Introduction and on-going Data Maintenance.

Supply Chain Consulting

Supply Chain Management Services designed to help hospitals maximize technology investments and focus on improving operat­ing performance, reducing costs, and increasing reliability.Professiona-Services-Icon-01

Our team has extensive know-how in providing solutions to customers in various industries that extend beyond healthcare. As a result of this mix, MHS is able to identify, create, and implement best practices, re­-engineer processes, and improve supply chain efficiency by designing business processes tailored to the unique needs and expectations of each individual customer.


  • Cooperative data management process and data standards development
  • Consolidation and Legacy Data Cleansing (Items, Suppliers, Package Strings, UNSPSC, HCPCS, etc.)
  • Ongoing management and maintenance of the item master
  • Process optimization and re-engineering
  • Supply storage and space allocation planning
  • Inventory right-sizing
  • Span of control and staffing assessments
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