News and Events
  • MHS Exhibiting at OR Managers Conference 2017 – October 2-4, 2017
    Visit us at Booth 635 at the OR Managers Conference in Orlando, Fl.
  • MHS Exhibiting at AHRMM 2017 – July 24-25, 2017
    Be sure to stop by our booth #1114 at the AHRMM Conference in Washington, D.C. 
  • MHS Exhibiting at the 2017 HealthTrust University Conference – July 17-19, 2017
    Visit us at Booth 740 at the HealthTrust University Conference in Las Vegas, NV.
  • MHS Exhibiting at Healthcare Financial Management Association’s 2017 ANI Conference – June 25-28, 2017
    MHS will be at booth #348 at the HFMA ANI Conference in Orlando, Fl.
  • MHS Exhibiting at HIUG Interact Conference 2017 – June 18-21, 2017
    Stop by MHS’ booth #111 at the HIUG Interact Conference in Orlando, Fl. 
  • MHS Releases @Par POU Mobile Supply Utilization Capture Software Certified for iOS and Android
    MHS announced today the release of its @Par Point of Use mobile supply utilization capture solution as a certified application for both iOS and Android devices.  Click Here to learn more: Point Of Use Cross Platform Press Release.
  • MHS Inventory Services in High Demand
    MHS announced today that its industry-leading outsourced inventory valuation services division has experienced strong customer commitments already in 2017.  Click Here to learn more: MHS 2017 Inventory Services.
  • MHS Launches Case Cost 360
    MHS’ announces the introduction of Case Cost 360™, a clinical operations decision support solution featuring software that captures and analyzes procedural costs at a level not currently available in a single system. Click Here to learn more: Case Cost 360 Launch.
  • MHS Mobile Supply Chain Software Released for iOS
    MHS’ @Par Distribution mobile supply chain solution has been released as a certified App for iOS devices on the App Store®. Click Here to learn more.
Data Sheets and White Papers
  • Case Cost 360
    Clinical Operations Decision Support through comprehensive procedural cost analytics.
  • Corporate Overview
    Reduce cost and improve patient care through customized solutions designed to optimize the Supply Chain within hospitals and health systems.
  • MHS Value Proposition
    MHS seamlessly Integrates services, tools, support, training & technology that provides “Wall-to-Wall” software applications to automate all SCM functions.
  • Products and Services
    Management Health Solutions offers mobile supply chain software applications, inventory valuation, master data management and professional service solutions to healthcare systems nationwide.
  • Inventory Valuation Services -Med/Surg
    Inventory Valuation Services establish a trusted inventory, which is the foundation for all supply chain initiatives.
  • Inventory Valuation Services -Pharmacy
    The physical counting is performed by experienced staff that is available to count on off-hours to minimize interference with normal operations.
  • Capital Asset Inventory Services 
    Healthcare organizations across the country utilize our capital asset inventory services to fuel both financial reports and operational decision support.
  • Warehouse Software Package
    The Warehouse Software Package is needed to completely automate work flow, reduce discrepancies and improve efficiency.
  • Distribution Software Package
    The Distribution Software Package is a core foundation of your supply chain efficiency and automation solutions.
  • Clinical Software Package
    The Clinical Software Package offers cutting edge solutions to manage and optimize the clinical supply operation.
  • Point Of Use Technology
    Point Of Use offers a comprehensive solution to automate supply chain process across all areas within a hospital.
  • MHS Mobile Supply Chain Software 2-Bin
    The Mobile supply chain software 2-Bin System is an enhancement to the mobile supply chain software CartCount module, MHS’ flagship Par Counting and Replenishment software application.
  • Clinical Inventory Valuation Whitepaper
    Discover the importance of performing a clinical inventory and why MHS should be your partner.
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